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Kingdom Rush Origins Apk is a game whose character an theme is taken from Kingdom Rush Comic. The comic was published on 1 Feb 2012 and have gained a large fan following. Ironhide Game Studio which has contributed to 10+ games on play store have shown their interest in creating the official game of Kingdom Rush Origins. Two different games were created by them Kingdom Rush Origins and Kingdom Rush Frontiers. Both of them have same characters but they are completely different from one another. This game features a wizard shooter, megalith warrior, and a magician. We also get chance to see four types of defense in the game. Tower arms and hostile camps which have various troops in them. Evil Spirit Archer and various monsters come out from hostile camp when someone tries to attack players base.

The map provided to the player for the reference is so good. It clearly shows waterfalls, forests, group of huge trees, valley etc. Screen resolution is now far better than earlier. Developers are trying to increase the graphics quality of the game. They want this game to be same as the characters are shown in the comic. This game can be played in three different difficulty levels. You can even switch the map to another to increase or decrease the difficulty. Moreover, it has convention mode and two types of challenge mode which is enough to pass your lots of time enjoying the game. Time has changed but the game has not, It has been improved a lot but fun is still same.

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  Download OBB Kingdom Rush Origins Apk Latest Version for Android

The former turret cannot be seen anymore as it has been replaced with a stone tower. We should think and make the right strategy to defeat your opponents. Enemies can create new route and attack from their so always be alert and ready for war. A large number of various small details can be clearly seen on the map. You can click and view gold, mushroom, river rafting casks, tribe people, the monkey on trees, large fishes in water etc. If you are searching to download Kingdom Rush Origins latest version Apk file on your android then you have come to correct place. We have provided direct apk file download button below in this post. You will really spend a quality time while playing Kingdom Rush Origins on your mobile phone.

Version Info

Now you will find Heros also in the game. You can upgrade them to make them powerful and train them their skill. Arivan a unit is something like the fusion of air, ice, fire, wizard magical powers. In the latest updates of Kingdom Rush Origins some new changes have been made on heroes.

  • File Name – Kingdom Rush Origins Apk
  • Updated – 06-02-2018
  • Requires Android – 4.0 and up
  • Current Version – 3.0
  • File Size – 29.4 MB
  • Developer – Ironhide Game Studio
  • Category – Strategy

Now you can use their special skill anytime in the war, like Archer’s Arrow Rain. Use of these at the perfect time can deal lots of damage to your opponent which will increase your chances of victory.

Kingdom Rush Origins Apk Features

New double hero concept has been introduced, There is one pre-configured hero and then you add your hero to it. This will add up their hitpoints and damage points but skills will remain of their real level. Earn more and more talent points so you can upgrade your four defense tower with them. Upgrade features increases range of attacking, damage points, health points, new modes unlock. Now its time to discuss all main features of Kingdom Rush Origins game and I hope you will like them.

  • Impressive gameplay which will make you addicted.
  • Experience the thrill of defending natural lands.
  • Explore the floating waste of buildings which are destroyed.
  • Every place is filled super magical powers.
  • New powers have been introduced to the troop, now easily eliminate your enemies.
  • Total 18 new attacking skills have been provided, learn to use them in the best manner.
  • A wide range of weapons available. Choose the perfect weapon according to the situation.
  • As troops are now stronger, Hoe could developers leave buildings? 8 New updates are available for buildings now.
  • Awesome graphics and unbelievable visual effects.

That’s a huge list of features at least for any game. I have only included unique and best features of this game in the above list and I hope you have started loving the game after reading them. So excited to play? Well, you can find the download link below in this article. Click on it and get the apk file on your phone.

Download Kingdom Rush Origins Apk Latest Version

It’s time to download Kingdom Rush Origins Apk on your smartphone. There is no need to search for it anywhere as we are going to share the Latest version Apk through below download link. You can download it with a single click of this button.

   Download APK

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Now, you can bookmark this page for downloading newer versions in future, directly. We will be going to update this Download Link on every new update. In case, you are getting any error or issue in downloading, feel free to inform us through the comment section. We will try our best to solve your problem.

Requirements to Play Kingdom Rush Origins

The is no such type of special requirement to play kingdom rush origins on Android. But, still, we are sharing it because many people get confused in thinking the same. Many people don’t have higher Android version phone, so they are unable to play many games on their device. Now, have a look at the list of all required things to play this game.

  • Android Phone (Running on Android version 4.0 and higher)
  • Kingdom Rush Origins Apk (Download link shared above)

That’s it. These are the requirements which you must fulfill. Whenever you are ready with these two things, you can proceed with the installation process. If you already know how to install APK file on Android then no need to check out steps. But, if you don’t know, have a look at few simple steps.

How to install Kingdom Rush Origins Apk on Android

I know you are very excited to download this game. First of all download apk file of the game and install it yourself. If you have not installed any apk file earlier then you might think its difficult task but no it isn’t. I will provide you step by step guide for installation part.

  • First of all download Kingdom Rush Origins Latest Version Apk file on your phone from download link shared above.
  • After downloading this apk file, open it and click on the install button.

Install Kingdom Rush Origins

  • Installation Process will be seen on the screen of your mobile.

Installing Kingdom Rush Game

  • When it finishes, it will ask you to open the game.

Open Kingdom Rush Origins Apk

  • That’s all, you have successfully installed the file.

These are the simple method to install a game or application from any apk file. I hope it was in the simplest way I can provide. Start playing this game now and try to get to the top of leaderboard score. Share your attacks on social media website to shine among your friends which your awesome gameplay.

Final Words:

So that was all about Kingdom Rush Origins Apk game. I hope you have loved it from the depth of your heart. If you have not installed this game yet, then don’t wait for anyone grab it now on your phone. If you face any problem then let me know via comments. I will try to reach you as soon as possible. If you have found this article really useful then you may visit our homepage for more games.

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